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Fix egregious error in earlier "Record evaluated-ness" patch

parent 1994febd
......@@ -526,7 +526,7 @@ simplLamBndr :: SimplEnv -> Var -> SimplM (SimplEnv, Var)
-- The "{=(a,b)}" is an unfolding we can't reconstruct otherwise.
simplLamBndr env bndr
| isId bndr && hasSomeUnfolding old_unf = seqId id2 `seq` return (env2, id2) -- Special case
| otherwise = seqId id1 `seq` return (env1, id1) -- Normal case
| otherwise = simplBinder env bndr -- Normal case
old_unf = idUnfolding bndr
(env1, id1) = substIdBndr env bndr
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