Commit 42d54ccd authored by sof's avatar sof
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[project @ 2002-03-28 14:43:14 by sof]

cygwin-specific path mangling of CWD no longer reqd
parent e228575f
......@@ -171,19 +171,15 @@ config-pkgs ::
fi; \
# Convert pwd's UNC reported path into DOS style
# (cygwin32 only.)
CURRENT_DIR = `pwd | sed 's|^//\(.\)|\1:|'`
in-place ::
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) config-pkgs bindir=$(CURRENT_DIR)/bin/$(platform) libdir=$(CURRENT_DIR)/lib/$(platform) datadir=$(CURRENT_DIR)/share
$(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) config-pkgs bindir=`pwd`/bin/$(platform) libdir=`pwd`/lib/$(platform) datadir=`pwd`/share
if test -x "./post-inplace-script" ; then \
echo "Running project-specific post-inplace script ..." ; \
./post-inplace-script $(platform) $(CURRENT_DIR) \
./post-inplace-script $(platform) `pwd` \
$(package)-$(version); \
echo "Done" ; \
@echo "Finished use, add $(CURRENT_DIR)/bin/$(platform) to your PATH."
@echo "Finished use, add `pwd`/bin/$(platform) to your PATH."
install-dirs ::
$(INSTALL_DIR) $(bindir)
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