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Use NHsCoreTy to embed types into GND-generated code

`GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving` is in the unique situation where it must
produce an `LHsType GhcPs` from a Core `Type`. Historically, this was
done with the `typeToLHsType` function, which walked over the entire
`Type` and attempted to construct an `LHsType` with the same overall
structure. `typeToLHsType` is quite complicated, however, and has
been the subject of numerous bugs over the years (e.g., #14579).

Luckily, there is an easier way to accomplish the same thing: the
`XHsType` constructor of `HsType`. `XHsType` bundles an `NHsCoreTy`,
which allows embedding a Core `Type` directly into an `HsType`,
avoiding the need to laboriously convert from one to another (as
`typeToLHsType` did). Moreover, renaming and typechecking an
`XHsType` is simple, since one doesn't need to do anything to a
Core `Type`...

...well, almost. For the reasons described in
`Note [Typechecking NHsCoreTys]` in `GHC.Tc.Gen.HsType`, we must
apply a substitution that we build from the local `tcl_env` type
environment. But that's a relatively modest price to pay.

Now that `GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving` uses `NHsCoreTy`, the
`typeToLHsType` function no longer has any uses in GHC, so this patch
rips it out. Some additional tweaks to `hsTypeNeedsParens` were
necessary to make the new `-ddump-deriv` output correctly
parenthesized, but other than that, this patch is quite

This is a mostly internal refactoring, although it is likely that
`GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving`-generated code will now need fewer
language extensions in certain situations than it did before.
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