Commit 44b5fc43 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar

[project @ 2004-10-27 10:49:58 by simonmar]

System.Posix.forkProcess test
parent 3c13cf0e
......@@ -6,3 +6,4 @@ else:
test('signals001', conf, compile_and_run, ['-package unix -cpp'])
test('signals002', conf, compile_and_run, ['-package unix'])
test('fileexist01', conf, compile_and_run, ['-package unix'])
test('forkprocess01', conf, compile_and_run, ['-package unix'])
-- Test that we can call exitFailure in a forked process, and have it
-- communicated properly to the parent.
import System.Exit
import System.Posix.Process
main = do
p <- forkProcess exitFailure
r <- getProcessStatus True False p
print r
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