Commit 476eadf9 authored by simonm's avatar simonm
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[project @ 1996-12-02 15:31:38 by simonm]

don't set the info ptr when entering a closure; this is unnecessary as
the info ptr is loaded in the constructor entry code (see comment by
me in CgConTbls.lhs).  Very minor performance hit for Sparc/Alpha, big
win for i386.

Should probably be conditionalised on the architecture or something.
parent f47353a6
......@@ -334,10 +334,7 @@ tailCallBusiness fun fun_amode lf_info arg_amodes live_vars pending_assts
mkAbstractCs [
CCallProfCtrMacro SLIT("ENT_VIA_NODE") [],
CAssign (CReg infoptr)
(CMacroExpr DataPtrRep INFO_PTR [CReg node]),
CJump (CMacroExpr CodePtrRep ENTRY_CODE [CReg infoptr])
CJump (CMacroExpr CodePtrKind ENTRY_CODE [(CMacroExpr DataPtrKind INFO_PTR [CReg node])])
StdEntry lbl Nothing -> ([], CJump (CLbl lbl CodePtrRep))
StdEntry lbl (Just itbl) -> ([], CAssign (CReg infoptr) (CLbl itbl DataPtrRep)
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