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Typos in docs [ci skip]

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......@@ -6727,7 +6727,7 @@ The general principle is this:
infers the most polymorphic kind consistent with the right-hand side.</emphasis>
Examples: ordinary data type and GADT declarations, class declarations.
In the case of a class declaration the role of "right hand side" is played
by the class moethod signatures.
by the class method signatures.
<emphasis>When there is no right hand side, GHC defaults argument and result kinds to <literal>*</literal>,
......@@ -6742,7 +6742,7 @@ class C a where -- Class declarations are generalised
-- so C :: forall k. k -> Constraint
data D1 a -- No right hand side for these two family
type F1 a -- declarations, but the class forces (a :: k)
-- so D1, F1 :: D1 :: forall k. k -> *
-- so D1, F1 :: forall k. k -> *
data D2 a -- No right-hand side so D2 :: * -> *
type F2 a -- No right-hand side so F2 :: * -> *
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