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Add closedV

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module VectMonad (
noV, tryV, maybeV, orElseV, localV, initV,
noV, tryV, maybeV, orElseV, localV, closedV, initV,
newLocalVar, newTyVar,
Builtins(..), paDictTyCon,
......@@ -192,6 +192,14 @@ localV p = do
setLEnv env
return x
closedV :: VM a -> VM a
closedV p = do
env <- readLEnv id
setLEnv emptyLocalEnv
x <- p
setLEnv env
return x
liftDs :: DsM a -> VM a
liftDs p = VM $ \bi genv lenv -> do { x <- p; return (Yes genv lenv x) }
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