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[project @ 2001-01-16 12:31:18 by simonmar]

Add GhcUnregisterised, to make unregisterised compilation the default.
Also include a lengthy comment about how the whole unregisterised
compilation / boostrapping thing is supposed to hold together.
parent 4a277ee0
......@@ -164,6 +164,24 @@ GhcHcOpts=-O -Rghc-timing
# GhcWithHscBuiltViaC - build GHC compiler proper (\`hsc') from .hc files?
# Build a compiler that will build *unregisterised* libraries and
# binaries by default. Unregisterised code is supposed to compile and
# run without any support for architecture-specific assembly mangling,
# register assignment or tail-calls, and is therefore a good way to get
# started when porting GHC to new architectures.
# If this is set to NO, you can still use the unregisterised way
# (way 'u') to get unregisterised code, but the default way will be
# registerised.
# NOTE: this is not the same as building the compiler itself
# unregisterised. That's done by either (a) bootstrapping with a
# compiler that was built with GhcUnregisterized=YES, or (b)
# bootstrapping with a compiler that has way 'u' libraries, and the
# flag '-unreg' is added to GhcHcOpts above.
# Build a compiler with a native code generator backend
# (as well as a C backend)
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