Commit 4abc36e3 authored by mnislaih's avatar mnislaih
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Uniform user interface


"Breakpoint set at Main:26:13"

instead of

"Breakpoint set at (26,13)"
parent a6156829
......@@ -353,9 +353,10 @@ bkptOptions cmd = do
(handleBkptEx s mod)
(\(newTable, site) -> do
setBkptTable newTable
io (putStrLn ("Breakpoint set at " ++
show (getSiteCoords newTable mod site))))
setBkptTable newTable
let (x,y) = getSiteCoords newTable mod site
io (putStrLn ("Breakpoint set at " ++ showSDoc (ppr mod)
++ ':' : show x ++ ':' : show y)))
(f mod bt)
bkptOptions' s ("del":cmds) bt
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