Commit 4ac0e815 authored by niteria's avatar niteria

Kill unnecessary cmpType in lhs_cmp_type

This is the only call site of `lhs_cmp_type` and we only
care about equality.
`cmpType` is nondeterministic (because `TyCon`s are compared
with Uniques in `cmpTc`), so if we don't have to use it, it's
better not to.

Test Plan: ./validate

Reviewers: simonmar, goldfire, bgamari, austin, simonpj

Reviewed By: simonpj

Subscribers: thomie

Differential Revision:

GHC Trac Issues: #4012
parent bff6e1bb
......@@ -529,9 +529,9 @@ mkSkolReporter ctxt cts
(yeses, noes) = partition (group_with ct) cts
group_with ct1 ct2
| EQ <- cmp_loc ct1 ct2 = True
| EQ <- cmp_lhs_type ct1 ct2 = True
| otherwise = False
| EQ <- cmp_loc ct1 ct2 = True
| eq_lhs_type ct1 ct2 = True
| otherwise = False
mkHoleReporter :: Reporter
-- Reports errors one at a time
......@@ -563,11 +563,11 @@ mkGroupReporter mk_err ctxt cts
= mapM_ (reportGroup mk_err ctxt) (equivClasses cmp_loc cts)
cmp_lhs_type :: Ct -> Ct -> Ordering
cmp_lhs_type ct1 ct2
eq_lhs_type :: Ct -> Ct -> Bool
eq_lhs_type ct1 ct2
= case (classifyPredType (ctPred ct1), classifyPredType (ctPred ct2)) of
(EqPred eq_rel1 ty1 _, EqPred eq_rel2 ty2 _) ->
(eq_rel1 `compare` eq_rel2) `thenCmp` (ty1 `cmpType` ty2)
(eq_rel1 == eq_rel2) && (ty1 `eqType` ty2)
_ -> pprPanic "mkSkolReporter" (ppr ct1 $$ ppr ct2)
cmp_loc :: Ct -> Ct -> Ordering
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