Commit 4bf46ecb authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Skip 2228 on Windows

parent 94ddca44
......@@ -4,5 +4,8 @@ test('ghc-e002', normal, run_command, ['$MAKE --no-print-directory -s ghc-e002']
test('ghc-e003', normal, run_command, ['$MAKE --no-print-directory -s ghc-e003'])
test('ghc-e004', normal, run_command, ['$MAKE --no-print-directory -s ghc-e004'])
test('ghc-e005', normal, run_command, ['$MAKE --no-print-directory -s ghc-e005'])
test('2228', normal, run_command, ['$MAKE --no-print-directory -s 2228'])
if_platform('i386-unknown-mingw32', expect_broken(2628)),
['$MAKE --no-print-directory -s 2228'])
test('2636', normal, run_command, ['$MAKE --no-print-directory -s 2636'])
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