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Comments about _info and _closure labels

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......@@ -858,6 +858,33 @@ Many of these distinctions are only for documentation reasons. For
example, _ret is only distinguished from _entry to make it easy to
tell whether a code fragment is a return point or a closure/function
Note [Closure and info labels]
For a function 'foo, we have:
foo_info : Points to the info table describing foo's closure
(and entry code for foo with tables next to code)
foo_closure : Static (no-free-var) closure only:
points to the statically-allocated closure
For a data constructor (such as Just or Nothing), we have:
Just_con_info: Info table for the data constructor itself
the first word of a heap-allocated Just
Just_info: Info table for the *worker function*, an
ordinary Haskell function of arity 1 that
allocates a (Just x) box:
Just = \x -> Just x
Just_closure: The closure for this worker
Nothing_closure: a statically allocated closure for Nothing
Nothing_static_info: info table for Nothing_closure
All these must be exported symbol, EXCEPT Just_info. We don't need to
export this because in other modules we either have
* A reference to 'Just'; use Just_closure
* A saturated call 'Just x'; allocate using Just_con_info
Not exporting these Just_info labels reduces the number of symbols
instance Outputable CLabel where
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