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Add a note on validate target

See #187. [skip ci]
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......@@ -83,8 +83,13 @@ the previous build are still in the GHC tree.
#### Testing
* `shake-build/ test` runs GHC tests. The current implementation is very
limited and cannot replace the `validate` script (see [#187][validation-issue]).
* `shake-build/ validate` runs GHC tests by simply executing `make fast` in `testsuite/tests`
directory. This can be used instead of `sh validate --fast --no-clean` in the existing build system.
Note: this will rebuild Stage2 GHC, `ghc-pkg` and `hpc` if they are out of date.
* `shake-build/ test` runs GHC tests by calling the `testsuite/driver/` python
script with appropriate flags. The current implementation is limited and cannot replace the
`validate` script (see [#187][validation-issue]).
* `shake-build/ selftest` runs tests of the build system. Current test
coverage is close to zero (see [#197][test-issue]).
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