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[project @ 2004-01-14 09:55:29 by simonmar]

update output
parent 41f83ea6
......@@ -3,4 +3,4 @@ rn046.hs:
Warning: Module `List' is imported, but nothing from it is used
(except perhaps instances visible in `List')
rn046.hs:3:0: Warning: Imported from `Char' but not used: ord
rn046.hs:3:13: Warning: Imported from `Char' but not used: ord
rnfail018.hs:12:36: Type variable not in scope: `a'
rnfail018.hs:12:36: Not in scope: type variable `a'
rnfail018.hs:12:41: Type variable not in scope: `m'
rnfail018.hs:12:41: Not in scope: type variable `m'
rnfail018.hs:12:46: Type variable not in scope: `m'
rnfail018.hs:12:46: Not in scope: type variable `m'
rnfail018.hs:12:48: Type variable not in scope: `a'
rnfail018.hs:12:48: Not in scope: type variable `a'
rnfail022.hs:8:4: Variable not in scope: `intersperse'
rnfail022.hs:8:4: Not in scope: `intersperse'
rnfail023.hs:7:0: Variable not in scope: `f'
rnfail023.hs:7:0: Not in scope: `f'
rnfail023.hs:8:11: Variable not in scope: `f'
rnfail023.hs:8:11: Not in scope: `f'
rnfail023.hs:14:6: Variable not in scope: `g'
rnfail023.hs:14:6: Not in scope: `g'
rnfail024.hs:3:0: Variable not in scope: `sig_without_a_defn'
rnfail024.hs:3:0: Not in scope: `sig_without_a_defn'
rnfail024.hs:6:4: Variable not in scope: `sig_without_a_defn'
rnfail024.hs:6:4: Not in scope: `sig_without_a_defn'
rnfail025.hs:3:0: Variable not in scope: `sig_without_a_defn'
rnfail025.hs:3:0: Not in scope: `sig_without_a_defn'
rnfail027.hs:5:9: Variable not in scope: `wibble'
rnfail027.hs:5:9: Not in scope: `wibble'
rnfail030.hs:2:20: Variable not in scope: `'
rnfail030.hs:2:20: Not in scope: `'
rnfail031.hs:2:20: Variable not in scope: `'
rnfail031.hs:2:20: Not in scope: `'
rnfail032.hs:2:20: Variable not in scope: `'
rnfail032.hs:2:20: Not in scope: `'
rnfail033.hs:2:20: Variable not in scope: `'
rnfail033.hs:2:20: Not in scope: `'
rnfail035.hs:2:20: Type constructor or class not in scope: `C'
rnfail035.hs:2:20: Not in scope: type constructor or class `C'
rnfail041.hs:4:0: Variable not in scope: `h'
rnfail041.hs:4:0: Not in scope: `h'
rnfail041.hs:5:0: Variable not in scope: `j'
rnfail041.hs:5:0: Not in scope: `j'
Warning: No explicit method nor default method for `row'
In the instance declaration for `Matrix Bool Val'
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