Commit 50c98638 authored by simonpj's avatar simonpj
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[project @ 2003-04-10 16:52:26 by simonpj]

Wibble to arity fix
parent 8a86866e
......@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ import Id ( idType, idInfo, setIdInfo, setIdType,
import IdInfo ( IdInfo, vanillaIdInfo,
occInfo, isFragileOcc, setOccInfo,
specInfo, setSpecInfo,
setArityInfo, unknownArity,
unfoldingInfo, setUnfoldingInfo,
WorkerInfo(..), workerExists, workerInfo, setWorkerInfo, WorkerInfo,
lbvarInfo, LBVarInfo(..), setLBVarInfo, hasNoLBVarInfo
......@@ -621,9 +622,13 @@ simplIdInfo :: Subst -> IdInfo -> IdInfo
-- Used by the simplifier to compute new IdInfo for a let(rec) binder,
-- subsequent to simplLetId having zapped its IdInfo
simplIdInfo subst old_info
= case substIdInfo subst isFragileOcc old_info of
= case substIdInfo subst isFragileOcc zapped_old_info of
Just new_info -> new_info
Nothing -> old_info
zapped_old_info = old_info `setArityInfo` unknownArity
-- Like unfolding, arity gets set later
-- Maybe we should do this in substIdInfo?
......@@ -305,17 +305,17 @@ simplNonRecBind env bndr rhs rhs_se cont_ty thing_inside
| isStrictDmd (idNewDemandInfo bndr) || isStrictType (idType bndr) -- A strict let
= -- Don't use simplBinder because that doesn't keep
-- fragile occurrence info in the substitution
simplLetBndr env bndr `thenSmpl` \ (env, bndr') ->
simplLetBndr env bndr `thenSmpl` \ (env, bndr1) ->
simplStrictArg AnRhs env rhs rhs_se (idType bndr1) cont_ty $ \ env1 rhs1 ->
-- Now complete the binding and simplify the body
-- simplLetBndr doesn't deal with the IdInfo, so we must
-- do so here (c.f. simplLazyBind)
bndr'' = bndr' `setIdInfo` simplIdInfo (getSubst env) (idInfo bndr)
env1 = modifyInScope env bndr'' bndr''
bndr2 = bndr1 `setIdInfo` simplIdInfo (getSubst env) (idInfo bndr)
env2 = modifyInScope env1 bndr2 bndr2
simplStrictArg AnRhs env1 rhs rhs_se (idType bndr') cont_ty $ \ env rhs1 ->
-- Now complete the binding and simplify the body
completeNonRecX env True {- strict -} bndr bndr'' rhs1 thing_inside
completeNonRecX env2 True {- strict -} bndr bndr2 rhs1 thing_inside
| otherwise -- Normal, lazy case
= -- Don't use simplBinder because that doesn't keep
......@@ -473,8 +473,7 @@ simplLazyBind env top_lvl is_rec bndr bndr1 rhs rhs_se
-- which isn't sound. And it makes the arity in f's IdInfo greater than
-- the manifest arity, which isn't good.
rules = idSpecialisation bndr
bndr2 = bndr1 `setIdSpecialisation` substRules (getSubst env) rules
bndr2 = bndr1 `setIdInfo` simplIdInfo (getSubst env) (idInfo bndr)
env1 = modifyInScope env bndr2 bndr2
rhs_env = setInScope rhs_se env1
is_top_level = isTopLevel top_lvl
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