Commit 5108e84a authored by John Ericson's avatar John Ericson Committed by Marge Bot

More judiciously panic in `ts_pat`

parent b797aa42
......@@ -647,11 +647,11 @@ AST is used for the subtraction operation.
-- Here we get rid of it and add the finalizers to the global environment.
-- See Note [Delaying modFinalizers in untyped splices] in GHC.Rename.Splice.
SplicePat _ (HsSpliced _ mod_finalizers (HsSplicedPat pat)) -> do
SplicePat _ splice -> case splice of
(HsSpliced _ mod_finalizers (HsSplicedPat pat)) -> do
addModFinalizersWithLclEnv mod_finalizers
tc_pat pat_ty pat penv thing_inside
_other_pat -> panic "tc_pat"
_ -> panic "invalid splice in splice pat"
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