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Dependent Types Branch of GHC
The Glasgow Haskell Compiler
This is a fork of GHC, with work toward supporting dependent types.
Anyone is welcome to download and play with this implementation,
and I am happy to receive feedback and issue reports on GitHub.
[![Build Status](](
There are two options of using this branch: manual, and Nix-based.
This is the source tree for [GHC][1], a compiler and interactive
environment for the Haskell functional programming language.
This code should build, but I have tested it only on `DEBUG` settings;
I recommend using build style `devel2` in ``.
Here is a minimal script you can follow to build this at home;
see the [GHC Building Guide] [3] for more info.
git clone
cd ghc
git checkout nokinds
git remote set-url origin git:// # so submodules work
git submodule update --init
cd mk
## edit to uncomment the line to choose the `devel2` configuration
cd ..
perl boot
Check out the `testsuite/tests/dependent/should_compile` directory for
a few sample programs that should compile on this fork of GHC.
For more information about GHC, visit [GHC's web site][1].
For more information, visit [GHC's web site][1].
Information for developers of GHC can be found on the [GHC Trac][2].
Thanks to @deepfire, this branch is available in Nixpkgs, which means that with
some effort it can be fairly automatically employed to build any package from
Hackage. This way, though, requires that one installs the Nix package manager in
parallel with the system package manager -- and this option is currently
unavailable on Windows.
Here are the instructions:
1. To install the Nix package manager, taking over /nix for package storage:
curl | sh
2. Make Nix use the `master` repository of Nixpkgs package definitions:
git clone
pushd ~/.nix-defexpr
rm -rf channels
ln -s ../nixpkgs
echo 'export NIX_PATH=nixpkgs=/home/---<USERNAME>---/nixpkgs' >> ~/.bashrc
export NIX_PATH=nixpkgs=/home/---<USERNAME>---/nixpkgs
Getting the Source
3. [OPTIONAL] To enable prebuilt binaries from Peter Simons/NixOS Hydra servers:
There are two ways to get a source tree:
sudo mkdir /etc/nix
echo 'binary-caches =' | sudo dd of=/etc/nix/nix.conf
1. *Download source tarballs*
# If you don't do that, everything will still work, just it'll have
# to build everything from source.
Download the GHC source distribution:
4. Enter a shell with `ghc-nokinds` available:
nix-shell -p haskell.compiler.ghcNokinds
which contains GHC itself and the "boot" libraries.
5. See it's indeed `nokinds`:
2. *Check out the source code from git*
runhaskell KindEqualities2.hs
$ git clone --recursive git://
To apply 'nokinds' to building packages from Hackage, the best option would be
to follow instructions from the "Nix loves Haskell" talk by Peter Simons:
Note: cloning GHC from Github requires a special setup. See [Getting a GHC
repository from Github] [7].
**DO NOT submit pull request directly to the github repo.**
*See the GHC team's working conventions re [how to contribute a patch to GHC]( "").*
..where the relevant compiler name would be "ghcNokinds".
Building & Installing
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