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Add a new command line flag: build flavour.

See #188.
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......@@ -55,6 +55,8 @@ currently supports several others:
arguments; also run the `boot` script to create the `configure` script if necessary.
You do not have to use this functionality of the new build system; feel free to run
`boot` and `configure` scripts manually, as you do when using `make`.
* `--flavour=FLAVOUR`: choose a build flavour. Two settings are currently supported:
`default` and `quick` (adds `-O0` flag to all GHC invocations speeding up builds by 3x).
* `--progress-info=STYLE`: choose how build progress info is printed. There are four
settings: `none`, `brief` (one line per build command), `normal` (typically a box per
build command; this is the default setting), and `unicorn` (when `normal` just won't do).
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