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Add a 'compare' command to sync-all

parent 55c7a0d6
......@@ -506,6 +506,42 @@ sub gitall {
elsif ($command eq "tag") {
&git($localpath, "tag", @args);
elsif ($command eq "compare") {
# Don't compare the subrepos; it doesn't work properly as
# they aren't on a branch.
next if $remotepath eq "-";
my $compareto;
if ($#args eq -1) {
$compareto = $path;
elsif ($#args eq 0) {
$compareto = "$args[0]/$localpath";
elsif ($#args eq 1 && $args[0] eq "-b") {
$compareto = "$args[1]/$remotepath";
else {
die "Bad args for compare";
print "$localpath";
print (' ' x (40 - length($localpath)));
my $branch = &readgit($localpath, "rev-parse", "--abbrev-ref", "HEAD");
die "Bad branch: $branch"
unless $branch =~ /^[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9.-]*$/;
my $us = &readgit(".", "ls-remote", $localpath, "refs/heads/$branch");
my $them = &readgit(".", "ls-remote", $compareto, "refs/heads/$branch");
$us =~ s/[[:space:]].*//;
$them =~ s/[[:space:]].*//;
die "Bad commit of mine: $us" unless (length($us) eq 40);
die "Bad commit of theirs: $them" unless (length($them) eq 40);
if ($us eq $them) {
print "same\n";
else {
print "DIFFERENT\n";
else {
die "Unknown command: $command";
......@@ -578,6 +614,17 @@ remote set-url [--push] <remote-name>
would point to the ghc repository, and for a remote repository it
points to the directory containing "ghc.git".
compare reporoot
compare -b reporoot
Compare the git HEADs of the repos to the origin repos, or the
repos under reporoot (which is assumde to be a checked-out tree
unless the -b flag is used).
1 line is printed for each repo, indicating whether the repo is
at the "same" or a "DIFFERENT" commit.
These commands just run the equivalent git command on each repository, passing
any extra arguments to git:
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