Commit 57a85ee0 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Omit the ghci way for TH_spliceE5_prof

We don't support --interactive -prof
parent 583d44b2
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ test('TH_spliceE5', normal, multimod_compile_and_run, ['TH_spliceE5', '-v0'])
# profiling (-osuf p_o) because this is necessary when mixing
# profiling w/ TH. Furthermore we must have built the program the
# normal way first, so this is a bit of a hack.
test('TH_spliceE5_prof', req_profiling, multimod_compile_and_run, ['TH_spliceE5', '-v0 -prof -auto-all -osuf p_o'])
test('TH_spliceE5_prof', compose(req_profiling, omit_ways(['ghci'])), multimod_compile_and_run, ['TH_spliceE5', '-v0 -prof -auto-all -osuf p_o'])
clean(['TH_spliceE5_Lib.p_o', 'TH_spliceE5_Lib.hi', 'TH_spliceE5_Lib.o',
'TH_spliceE5.hi', 'TH_spliceE5.p_o'])
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