Commit 5882c76b authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Make a non-profiling version of test cabal01

parent d1ffdb8f
...@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ cabal01: setup ...@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ cabal01: setup
$(GHC_PKG_INPLACE) --user unregister test; \ $(GHC_PKG_INPLACE) --user unregister test; \
fi fi
./setup configure -v0 --prefix=`pwd`/install --with-compiler=$(TEST_HC) --with-hc-pkg=$(GHC_PKG_INPLACE) --enable-library-profiling ./setup configure -v0 --prefix=`pwd`/install --with-compiler=$(TEST_HC) --with-hc-pkg=$(GHC_PKG_INPLACE) $(PROF)
./setup build -v0 ./setup build -v0
./setup copy -v0 --copy-prefix=`pwd`/install-tmp ./setup copy -v0 --copy-prefix=`pwd`/install-tmp
ls install-tmp ls install-tmp
setTestOpts(only_compiler_types(['ghc'])) setTestOpts(only_compiler_types(['ghc']))
test('cabal01', compose(req_profiling, compose(ignore_output, expect_broken_if_platform(1196, 'i386-unknown-mingw32'))), run_command, ['$MAKE cabal01']) test('cabal01',
expect_broken_if_platform(1196, 'i386-unknown-mingw32')),
run_command, ['$MAKE cabal01 PROF='])
if default_testopts.cleanup != '':
runCmd('$MAKE -C ' + in_testdir('') + ' clean')
expect_broken_if_platform(1196, 'i386-unknown-mingw32')]),
run_command, ['$MAKE cabal01 PROF=--enable-library-profiling'])
if default_testopts.cleanup != '': if default_testopts.cleanup != '':
runCmd('$MAKE -C ' + in_testdir('') + ' clean') runCmd('$MAKE -C ' + in_testdir('') + ' clean')
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