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Remove duplicate infix type-con section (thanks to Ross P)
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......@@ -635,32 +635,6 @@ This name is not supported by GHC.
<sect2> <title> Infix type constructors </title>
<para>GHC supports infix type constructors, much as it supports infix data constructors. For example:
infixl 5 :+:
data a :+: b = Inl a | Inr b
f :: a `Either` b -> a :+: b
f (Left x) = Inl x
<para>The lexical
syntax of an infix type constructor is just like that of an infix data constructor: either
it's an operator beginning with ":", or it is an ordinary (alphabetic) type constructor enclosed in
When you give a fixity declaration, the fixity applies to both the data constructor and the
type constructor with the specified name. You cannot give different fixities to the type constructor T
and the data constructor T.
<!-- ===================== PARALLEL LIST COMPREHENSIONS =================== -->
<sect2 id="parallel-list-comprehensions">
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