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Make warnings for TH splices opt-in

In #17270 we have the pattern-match checker emit incorrect warnings. The
reason for that behavior is ultimately an inconsistency in whether we
treat TH splices as written by the user (`FromSource :: Origin`) or as
generated code (`Generated`). This was first reported in #14838.

The current solution is to TH splices as `Generated` by default and only
treat them as `FromSource` when the user requests so
(-fenable-th-splice-warnings). There are multiple reasons for opt-in
rather than opt-out:

  * It's not clear that the user that compiles a splice is the author of the code
    that produces the warning. Think of the situation where she just splices in
    code from a third-party library that produces incomplete pattern matches.
    In this scenario, the user isn't even able to fix that warning.
  * Gathering information for producing the warnings (pattern-match check
    warnings in particular) is costly. There's no point in doing so if the user
    is not interested in those warnings.

Fixes #17270, but not #14838, because the proper solution needs a GHC
proposal extending the TH AST syntax.
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