Commit 5c31e426 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Merge branch 'master' of

parents 197917ed f2580924
{-# LANGUAGE TypeFamilies,TemplateHaskell #-}
module Bug where
import Language.Haskell.TH
import System.IO
class C a where
type T a
$(do { ds <- [d|
instance C (Maybe a) where
type T (Maybe a) = Char
; runIO $ do { putStrLn (pprint ds); hFlush stdout }
; return ds })
instance Bug.C (Data.Maybe.Maybe a_0)
where type Bug.T (Data.Maybe.Maybe a_0) = GHC.Types.Char
......@@ -225,4 +225,5 @@ test('T5883', normal, compile, ['-v0 -dsuppress-uniques -ddump-splices'])
test('T5882', normal, compile, ['-v0'])
test('T5886', extra_clean(['T5886a.hi','T5886a.o']),
multimod_compile, ['T5886','-v0'])
test('T4135', normal, compile, ['-v0'])
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