Commit 5cbac886 authored by AlexET's avatar AlexET Committed by Austin Seipp

user guide: correct documentation for -Wall (fixes #10386)

This fixes the documentation for -Wall.
As was done previously it leaves out deprecated flags and also
fwarn-safe and fwarn-unsafe. I don't know
if that was intended or not. -fwarn-safe and fwarn-unsafe are
not mentioned on the warnings page at all instead they are
mentioned in the safe haskell section.

Reviewed By: austin

Differential Revision:

GHC Trac Issues: #10386
parent 85bf9e49
...@@ -1088,14 +1088,15 @@ test.hs:(5,4)-(6,7): ...@@ -1088,14 +1088,15 @@ test.hs:(5,4)-(6,7):
suspicious code. The warnings that are suspicious code. The warnings that are
<emphasis>not</emphasis> enabled by <option>-Wall</option> <emphasis>not</emphasis> enabled by <option>-Wall</option>
are are
<option>-fwarn-type-defaults</option>, <option>-fwarn-incomplete-uni-patterns</option>,
<option>-fwarn-name-shadowing</option>, <option>-fwarn-incomplete-record-updates</option>,
<option>-fwarn-missing-signatures</option>, <option>-fwarn-monomorphism-restriction</option>,
<option>-fwarn-warn-hi-shadowing</option>, <option>-fwarn-auto-orphans</option>,
<option>-fwarn-orphans</option>, <option>-fwarn-implicit-prelude</option>,
<option>-fwarn-unused-do-bind</option>, and <option>-fwarn-missing-local-sigs</option>,
<option>-fwarn-trustworthy-safe</option>, <option>-fwarn-missing-exported-sigs</option>,
<option>-fwarn-unticked-promoted-constructors</option>.</para> <option>-fwarn-missing-import-lists</option> and
</listitem> </listitem>
</varlistentry> </varlistentry>
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