Commit 5d80d141 authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢
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rules/build-prog: Ensure programs depend upon their transitive deps

Previously programs only depended upon the direct dependencies; while I
would have thought that this would be sufficient, somehow we were
getting to the link step of building `ghc-pkg` before `ghc-boot-th` was
built (despite the fact that `ghc-boot` has a direct dependency on

See #12078.
parent a54d87a9
......@@ -197,8 +197,10 @@ ifneq "$$(BINDIST)" "YES"
# The quadrupled $'s here are because the _<way>_LIB variables aren't
# necessarily set when this part of the makefile is read
$1/$2/build/tmp/$$($1_$2_PROG) $1/$2/build/tmp/$$($1_$2_PROG).dll : \
$$(foreach dep,$$($1_$2_DEP_COMPONENT_IDS),\
$$(foreach dep,$$($1_$2_TRANSITIVE_DEP_COMPONENT_IDS),\
$$$$($$(dep)_dist-$(if $(filter 0,$3),boot,install)_PROGRAM_DEP_LIB))
# Workaround: We use TRANSITIVE_DEP_COMPONENT_IDS here as a workaround for
# Trac #12078.
$1_$2_PROG_INPLACE = $$($1_$2_PROG)
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