Commit 60464668 authored by panne's avatar panne
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[project @ 1999-12-07 13:04:31 by panne]

OK, don't say you haven't been warned: Sven "Larry W." Panne waved his
Perl-wand and changed a / / into /\s+/. This fixes the problem with
multiple spaces between {-# OPTIONS ... -#}, but still fails miserably
when quotes are used, e.g. {-# OPTIONS -#include "My Own Header.h" #-}.
parent dbce0191
......@@ -434,7 +434,7 @@ sub slurp_file_for_imports {
if ($options ne "") {
&mangle_command_line_args(split(/ /,$options));
if (@Old_Syslibs ne @Syslibs) {
@Old_Ignore_dirs = @Ignore_dirs;
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