Commit 60db142b authored by code5hot's avatar code5hot Committed by Marge Bot

Update Traversable.hs with a note about an intuitive law

parent e87b9f87
......@@ -115,7 +115,13 @@ import qualified GHC.List as List ( foldr )
-- 'Data.Functor.Compose.Compose' are from "Data.Functor.Identity" and
-- "Data.Functor.Compose".
-- (The naturality law is implied by parametricity.)
-- A result of the naturality law is the intuitive generalised identity law
-- for 'traverse'
-- @'traverse' 'pure' = 'pure'@
-- (The naturality law is implied by parametricity and thus so is the
-- generalised identity law [reference not available, word of mouth].)
-- Instances are similar to 'Functor', e.g. given a data type
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