Commit 613f7265 authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢 Committed by Marge Bot

llvmGen: Drop old fix for #11649

This was a hack which is no longer necessary now since we introduce a
dedicated entry block for each procedure.
parent b426de37
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......@@ -17,11 +17,8 @@ import LlvmCodeGen.Ppr
import LlvmCodeGen.Regs
import LlvmMangler
import BlockId
import GHC.StgToCmm.CgUtils ( fixStgRegisters )
import Cmm
import CmmUtils
import Hoopl.Block
import Hoopl.Collections
import PprCmm
......@@ -31,7 +28,6 @@ import GHC.Platform ( platformArch, Arch(..) )
import ErrUtils
import FastString
import Outputable
import UniqSupply
import SysTools ( figureLlvmVersion )
import qualified Stream
......@@ -150,44 +146,13 @@ cmmDataLlvmGens statics
renderLlvm $ pprLlvmData (concat gss', concat tss)
-- | LLVM can't handle entry blocks which loop back to themselves (could be
-- seen as an LLVM bug) so we rearrange the code to keep the original entry
-- label which branches to a newly generated second label that branches back
-- to itself. See: #11649
fixBottom :: RawCmmDecl -> LlvmM RawCmmDecl
fixBottom cp@(CmmProc hdr entry_lbl live g) =
maybe (pure cp) fix_block $ mapLookup (g_entry g) blk_map
blk_map = toBlockMap g
fix_block :: CmmBlock -> LlvmM RawCmmDecl
fix_block blk
| (CmmEntry e_lbl tickscp, middle, CmmBranch b_lbl) <- blockSplit blk
, isEmptyBlock middle
, e_lbl == b_lbl = do
new_lbl <- mkBlockId <$> getUniqueM
let fst_blk =
BlockCC (CmmEntry e_lbl tickscp) BNil (CmmBranch new_lbl)
snd_blk =
BlockCC (CmmEntry new_lbl tickscp) BNil (CmmBranch new_lbl)
pure . CmmProc hdr entry_lbl live . ofBlockMap (g_entry g)
$ mapFromList [(e_lbl, fst_blk), (new_lbl, snd_blk)]
fix_block _ = pure cp
fixBottom rcd = pure rcd
-- | Complete LLVM code generation phase for a single top-level chunk of Cmm.
cmmLlvmGen ::RawCmmDecl -> LlvmM ()
cmmLlvmGen cmm@CmmProc{} = do
-- rewrite assignments to global regs
dflags <- getDynFlag id
fixed_cmm <- fixBottom $
{-# SCC "llvm_fix_regs" #-}
fixStgRegisters dflags cmm
let fixed_cmm = {-# SCC "llvm_fix_regs" #-} fixStgRegisters dflags cmm
dumpIfSetLlvm Opt_D_dump_opt_cmm "Optimised Cmm"
FormatCMM (pprCmmGroup [fixed_cmm])
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