Commit 625eea93 authored by Andrey Mokhov's avatar Andrey Mokhov

Update Hadrian submodule

  * Link to Quick Start guide
  * Update (hadrian/578)
  * Fix AppVeyor (hadrian/577)
  * Fix CircleCI
  * Generic library rules (hadrian/571)
  * Fix lint error (hadrian/575)
  * Fix missing libHSghc-8.5-0.a (hadrian/574)
  * Fix the path to touchy (hadrian/572)
  * Fix integer-gmp build (hadrian/568)
  * Undo fs*.h workaround
  * Fix copying of fs*.h files during RTS registration (hadrian/566)
  * Fix Windows build, improve error reporting (hadrian/565)
  * Fix Windows build (hadrian/563)
  * Fix boot and configure on AppVeyor (hadrian/561)
  * Preliminary bindist (hadrian/558, hadrian/555)
  * Unregister stage0 package first if it needs to be
    cloned (hadrian/552)
  * Fix Circle CI (hadrian/553)
  * Fix warnings (hadrian/547)
  * Merge pull request hadrian/542 from Mistuke/fix-specific-file
  * Use Cabal directly in place of ghc-cabal + make build root
    configurable (hadrian/531)
  * Add user-defined flavour example for turning off dynamic
    linking (hadrian/535)
  * Add clean routines for fs (hadrian/533)
  * Add 'git' to nativeBuildInputs in shell.nix (hadrian/530)
  * Add extra include paths when invoking ghc-cabal (hadrian/526)
  * Merge pull request hadrian/528 from snowleopard/bump-cabal
  * Merge pull request hadrian/521 from snowleopard/drop-chmod
  * Change permission bits for,
    fixes hadrian/517 (hadrian/520)
  * Pin nixpkgs and all-cabal-hashes in shell.nix (hadrian/511)
  * Add troubleshooting section
parent acb73617
Subproject commit da397291a9052387862c27c87ec29b6fce2c7d77
Subproject commit 7c3c45f4539af8e75764a1c100dfbb35a86f4be3
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