Commit 62e1b359 authored by Herbert Valerio Riedel's avatar Herbert Valerio Riedel 🕺
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Update array/stm/hpc/haddock submodules

This is needed to prepare for #11026 as these updates
relax the upper bounds on `base` to allow for `base-`
parent 9f0ecb41
Subproject commit 2f5b772f4475d70a68c6f9d10390ac9812afdb7d Subproject commit dd75c73d191b3f07209c38f78ebe9dcc26fc5ed4
Subproject commit 886429bf84097bbc16cdb6602b60ba1b9156cf6a Subproject commit e20c61c358e749ea62f6687089ad2a878d5d1a66
Subproject commit f7db2c3df86ec644e5e06baa8090a1cb525754e2 Subproject commit e917b5944ce0a5b4e32dcc8f00eaddbec1256e98
Subproject commit 174f23631a0a8de7dc0f3cd67c393a5ca88c4a2b Subproject commit 987b5062482e20a032fb6358e655265b0b7a3cd2
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