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Fix word repetitions in comments

parent 37de4ad7
......@@ -2704,7 +2704,7 @@ We add the following warning suppression flags to all code generated by Alex:
Without these flags, current versions of Alex will generate code that is not
warning free. Note that this is the result of Alex' internals, not of the way
we have have written our (Lexer).x files.
we have written our (Lexer).x files.
As always, we need code to be warning free when validating with -Werror.
......@@ -1147,7 +1147,7 @@ The DeriveAnyClass extension adds a third way to derive instances, based on
empty instance declarations.
The canonical use case is in combination with GHC.Generics and default method
signatures. These allow us have have instance declarations be empty, but still
signatures. These allow us to have instance declarations being empty, but still
useful, e.g.
data T a = ...blah..blah... deriving( Generic )
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