Commit 635ea064 authored by Thomas Schilling's avatar Thomas Schilling
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Reflect changes of desugarer error reporting in VectMonad.

parent 73e0b2a1
......@@ -482,7 +482,9 @@ lookupFamInst tycon tys
initV :: PackageId -> HscEnv -> ModGuts -> VectInfo -> VM a -> IO (Maybe (VectInfo, a))
initV pkg hsc_env guts info p
= do
Just r <- initDs hsc_env (mg_module guts)
-- XXX: ignores error messages and warnings, check that this is
-- indeed ok (the use of "Just r" suggests so)
(_,Just r) <- initDs hsc_env (mg_module guts)
(mg_rdr_env guts)
(mg_types guts)
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