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Use tcSplitForAllInvisTyVars (not tcSplitForAllTyVars) in more places

The use of `tcSplitForAllTyVars` in `tcDataFamInstHeader` was the immediate
cause of #18939, and replacing it with a new `tcSplitForAllInvisTyVars`
function (which behaves like `tcSplitForAllTyVars` but only splits invisible
type variables) fixes the issue. However, this led me to realize that _most_
uses of `tcSplitForAllTyVars` in GHC really ought to be
`tcSplitForAllInvisTyVars` instead. While I was in town, I opted to replace
most uses of `tcSplitForAllTys` with `tcSplitForAllTysInvis` to reduce the
likelihood of such bugs in the future.

I say "most uses" above since there is one notable place where we _do_ want
to use `tcSplitForAllTyVars`: in `GHC.Tc.Validity.forAllTyErr`, which produces
the "`Illegal polymorphic type`" error message if you try to use a higher-rank
`forall` without having `RankNTypes` enabled. Here, we really do want to split
all `forall`s, not just invisible ones, or we run the risk of giving an
inaccurate error message in the newly added `T18939_Fail` test case.

I debated at some length whether I wanted to name the new function
`tcSplitForAllInvisTyVars` or `tcSplitForAllTyVarsInvisible`, but in the end,
I decided that I liked the former better. For consistency's sake, I opted to
rename the existing `splitPiTysInvisible` and `splitPiTysInvisibleN` functions
to `splitInvisPiTys` and `splitPiTysInvisN`, respectively, so that they use the
same naming convention. As a consequence, this ended up requiring a `haddock`
submodule bump.

Fixes #18939.
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