Commit 65446998 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Change how we detect if we are using the bootstrapping compiler or not

I think looking for $(GHC_COMPILER_DIR_ABS) was failing on the Windows
buildbot due to different path separators. Now we just look for
parent f26ce77a
......@@ -949,8 +949,8 @@ GhcMinVersion = @GhcMinVersion@
# when $(HC) does *not* point to one of the GHC binaries built in
# the local tree.
BOOTSTRAPPING_PACKAGE_CONF_HC_OPTS =$(if $(findstring inplace, $(HC)),,-package-conf $(BOOTSTRAPPING_CONF))
# Some useful GHC version predicates:
ghc_ge_605 = @ghc_ge_605@
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