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Remove redundant debug code

parent 6270b3e3
......@@ -1265,11 +1265,7 @@ exprIsConApp_maybe id_unf expr
= Nothing
beta fun pairs args
= case analyse (substExpr (text "subst-expr-is-con-app") subst fun) args of
Nothing -> -- pprTrace "Bale out! exprIsConApp_maybe" doc $
Just ans -> -- pprTrace "Woo-hoo! exprIsConApp_maybe" doc $
Just ans
= analyse (substExpr (text "subst-expr-is-con-app") subst fun) args
subst = mkOpenSubst (mkInScopeSet (exprFreeVars fun)) pairs
-- doc = vcat [ppr fun, ppr expr, ppr pairs, ppr args]
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