Commit 661bda52 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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convert type variables to TcTyVars, otherwise the typechecker gets confused

parent fd9c8b7e
......@@ -214,8 +214,11 @@ import NameSet
import RdrName
import HsSyn
import Type hiding (typeKind)
import TcType hiding (typeKind)
import Id
import Var hiding (setIdType)
import VarEnv
import VarSet
import TysPrim ( alphaTyVars )
import TyCon
import Class
......@@ -2320,13 +2323,22 @@ extendEnvironment hsc_env apStack idsOffsets occs = do
let (ids, hValues) = unzip idsVals
new_ids <- zipWithM mkNewId occs ids
let names = map idName ids
let tyvars = varSetElems (tyVarsOfTypes (map idType new_ids))
new_tyvars = map (mkTyVarTy . mk_skol) tyvars
mk_skol tyvar = mkTcTyVar (tyVarName tyvar) (tyVarKind tyvar)
(SkolemTv UnkSkol)
subst = mkTvSubst emptyInScopeSet (mkVarEnv (zip tyvars new_tyvars))
subst_id id = id `setIdType` substTy subst (idType id)
subst_ids = map subst_id new_ids
Just (ATyCon unknown_tc) <- tcRnLookupName hsc_env unknownTyConName
let result_name = mkSystemVarName (mkBuiltinUnique 33) FSLIT("_result")
result_id = Id.mkLocalId result_name (mkTyConApp unknown_tc [])
let ictxt = hsc_IC hsc_env
rn_env = ic_rn_local_env ictxt
type_env = ic_type_env ictxt
all_new_ids = result_id : new_ids
all_new_ids = result_id : subst_ids
bound_names = map idName all_new_ids
new_rn_env = extendLocalRdrEnv rn_env bound_names
-- Remove any shadowed bindings from the type_env;
......@@ -2345,7 +2357,6 @@ extendEnvironment hsc_env apStack idsOffsets occs = do
mkNewId :: OccName -> Id -> IO Id
mkNewId occ id = do
ty <- instantiateTyVarsToUnknown hsc_env
let uniq = idUnique id
loc = nameSrcLoc (idName id)
name = mkInternalName uniq occ loc
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