Commit 6697dbb2 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Report unusable UNPACK warnings even when -O is off (#3966)

parent 2742aa78
......@@ -1168,12 +1168,17 @@ chooseBoxingStrategy arg_ty bang
else return HsStrict }
HsNoUnpack -> return HsStrict
HsUnpack -> do { omit_prags <- doptM Opt_OmitInterfacePragmas
; let bang = can_unbox HsUnpackFailed arg_ty
; if omit_prags && bang == HsUnpack
then return HsStrict
else return bang }
-- Do not respect UNPACK pragmas if OmitInterfacePragmas is on
-- See Trac #5252: unpacking means we must not conceal the
-- representation of the argument type
; if omit_prags then return HsStrict
else return (can_unbox HsUnpackFailed arg_ty) }
HsUnpackFailed -> pprPanic "chooseBoxingStrategy" (ppr arg_ty)
-- However: even when OmitInterfacePragmas is on, we still want
-- to know if we have HsUnpackFailed, because we omit a
-- warning in that case (#3676)
HsUnpackFailed -> pprPanic "chooseBoxingStrategy" (ppr arg_ty)
-- Source code never has shtes
can_unbox :: HsBang -> TcType -> HsBang
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