Commit 689e6282 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Set datadir=libdir; fixes trac #2541

GHC needs package.conf and things like unlit to be in the same place
parent 94368cd8
......@@ -610,9 +610,14 @@ else
# Unix: override libdir and datadir to put ghc-specific stuff in
# a subdirectory with the version number included.
# datadir is set to libdir here as GHC needs package.conf and unlit
# to be in the same place (and things like ghc-pkg need to agree on
# where package.conf is, so we just set it globally).
datarootdir := $(datadir0)
datadir := $(datadir0)/ghc-$(ProjectVersion)
libdir := $(libdir0)/ghc-$(ProjectVersion)
datadir := $(libdir)
# New autoconf (>= 2.60?) make a configure with --docdir=DIR etc flags.
# However, in order to support older autoconf's we don't use them.
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