Commit 69500dd4 authored by Matthew Pickering's avatar Matthew Pickering Committed by Marge Bot
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Use NodeKey rather than ModuleName in pruneCache

The `pruneCache` function assumes that the list of `CachedInfo` all have unique `ModuleName`, this is not true:

* In normal compilation, the same module name can appear for a file and it's boot file.
* In multiple home unit compilation the same ModuleName can appear in different units

The fix is to use a `NodeKey` as the actual key for the interfaces which includes `ModuleName`, `IsBoot` and `UnitId`.

Fixes #22677
parent 7bfb30f9
......@@ -449,6 +449,9 @@ addHmiToCache c (HomeModInfo i _ l) = iface_addToCache c (CachedIface i l)
data CachedIface = CachedIface { cached_modiface :: !ModIface
, cached_linkable :: !HomeModLinkable }
instance Outputable CachedIface where
ppr (CachedIface mi ln) = hsep [text "CachedIface", ppr (miKey mi), ppr (isJust ln)]
noIfaceCache :: Maybe ModIfaceCache
noIfaceCache = Nothing
......@@ -829,15 +832,19 @@ pruneCache hpt summ
, cached_linkable = linkable
}) = HomeModInfo iface emptyModDetails linkable'
modl = moduleName (mi_module iface)
modl = miKey iface
| Just ms <- lookupUFM ms_map modl
| Just ms <- M.lookup modl ms_map
, mi_src_hash iface /= ms_hs_hash ms
= emptyHomeModInfoLinkable
| otherwise
= linkable
ms_map = listToUFM [(ms_mod_name ms, ms) | ms <- summ]
-- Using UFM Module is safe for determinism because the map is just used for a transient lookup. The cache should be unique and a key clash is an error.
ms_map = M.fromListWith
(\ms1 ms2 -> assertPpr False (text "prune_cache" $$ (ppr ms1 <+> ppr ms2))
[(msKey ms, ms) | ms <- summ]
-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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