Commit 6985e0fc authored by Vladislav Zavialov's avatar Vladislav Zavialov

Factor out HsSCC/HsCoreAnn/HsTickPragma into HsPragE

This is a refactoring with no user-visible changes (except for GHC API
users). Consider the HsExpr constructors that correspond to user-written

  HsSCC         representing  {-# SCC ... #-}
  HsCoreAnn     representing  {-# CORE ... #-}
  HsTickPragma  representing  {-# GENERATED ... #-}

We can factor them out into a separate datatype, HsPragE. It makes the
code a bit tidier, especially in the parser.

Before this patch:

  hpc_annot :: { Located ( (([AddAnn],SourceText),(StringLiteral,(Int,Int),(Int,Int))),
                         ) }

After this patch:

  prag_hpc :: { Located ([AddAnn], HsPragE GhcPs) }
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