Commit 69eaf10e authored by qrczak's avatar qrczak
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[project @ 2001-03-08 18:03:34 by qrczak]

Fix names imported from Id.
parent fb82a168
......@@ -13,8 +13,8 @@ module ByteCodeGen ( UnlinkedBCO, UnlinkedBCOExpr, ItblEnv, ClosureEnv, HValue,
import Outputable
import Name ( Name, getName, mkSysLocalName )
import Id ( Id, idType, isDataConId_maybe, mkVanillaId,
isPrimOpId_maybe, idPrimRep )
import Id ( Id, idType, isDataConId_maybe, isPrimOpId_maybe,
idPrimRep, mkSysLocal, idName )
import OrdList ( OrdList, consOL, snocOL, appOL, unitOL,
nilOL, toOL, concatOL, fromOL )
import FiniteMap ( FiniteMap, addListToFM, listToFM,
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