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[project @ 2005-09-05 15:28:07 by simonpj]

GHC claims to lift the H98 restriction that a class method must not
add a constraint on the class type variable (manual "Class
method types").  But the validity check was incorrect in the case
where the class method had a forall.  E.g.
	class C a where
	  op :: forall b. (Show b, Show a) => ...

This commit fixes the bug.

tcrun037, and tcfail149, test with and without -fglasgow-exts.

parent 478f7aa5
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ import TcHsType ( kcHsTyVars, kcHsLiftedSigType, kcHsType,
kcHsSigType, tcHsBangType, tcLHsConSig, tcDataKindSig )
import TcMType ( newKindVar, checkValidTheta, checkValidType, checkFreeness,
UserTypeCtxt(..), SourceTyCtxt(..) )
import TcType ( TcKind, TcType, tyVarsOfType,
import TcType ( TcKind, TcType, tyVarsOfType, mkPhiTy,
mkArrowKind, liftedTypeKind, mkTyVarTys, tcEqTypes,
tcSplitSigmaTy, tcEqType )
import Type ( splitTyConApp_maybe, pprThetaArrow, pprParendType )
......@@ -653,7 +653,7 @@ checkValidClass cls
; checkValidTheta (ClassSCCtxt (className cls)) theta
-- Check the class operations
; mappM_ check_op op_stuff
; mappM_ (check_op gla_exts) op_stuff
-- Check that if the class has generic methods, then the
-- class has only one parameter. We can't do generic
......@@ -665,7 +665,7 @@ checkValidClass cls
unary = isSingleton tyvars
no_generics = null [() | (_, GenDefMeth) <- op_stuff]
check_op (sel_id, dm)
check_op gla_exts (sel_id, dm)
= addErrCtxt (classOpCtxt sel_id tau) $ do
{ checkValidTheta SigmaCtxt (tail theta)
-- The 'tail' removes the initial (C a) from the
......@@ -686,8 +686,16 @@ checkValidClass cls
op_name = idName sel_id
op_ty = idType sel_id
(_,theta,tau) = tcSplitSigmaTy op_ty
(_,theta1,tau1) = tcSplitSigmaTy op_ty
(_,theta2,tau2) = tcSplitSigmaTy tau1
(theta,tau) | gla_exts = (theta1 ++ theta2, tau2)
| otherwise = (theta1, mkPhiTy (tail theta1) tau1)
-- Ugh! The function might have a type like
-- op :: forall a. C a => forall b. (Eq b, Eq a) => tau2
-- With -fglasgow-exts, we want to allow this, even though the inner
-- forall has an (Eq a) constraint. Whereas in general, each constraint
-- in the context of a for-all must mention at least one quantified
-- type variable. What a mess!
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