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......@@ -1529,7 +1529,7 @@ modules), we get better error messages, too.
-- | 'InstDeclFreeVarsMap is an association of an
-- @InstDecl@ with @FreeVars@. The @FreeVars@ are
-- the names that are
-- the tycon names that are both
-- a) free in the instance declaration
-- b) bound by this group of type/class/instance decls
type InstDeclFreeVarsMap = [(LInstDecl Name, FreeVars)]
......@@ -1546,6 +1546,12 @@ mkInstDeclFreeVarsMap rdr_env tycl_bndrs inst_ds_fvs
-- | Get the @LInstDecl@s which have empty @FreeVars@ sets, and the
-- @InstDeclFreeVarsMap@ with these entries removed.
-- We call (getInsts tcs instd_map) when we've completed the declarations
-- for 'tcs'. The call returns (inst_decls, instd_map'), where
-- inst_decls are the instance declarations all of
-- whose free vars are now defined
-- instd_map' is the inst-decl map with 'tcs' removed from
-- the free-var set
getInsts :: [Name] -> InstDeclFreeVarsMap -> ([LInstDecl Name], InstDeclFreeVarsMap)
getInsts bndrs inst_decl_map
= partitionWith pick_me inst_decl_map
......@@ -493,7 +493,7 @@ In type declarations:
* Specified (k)
data T2 (a::k->*) b = MkT (a b)
Here T's kind is T :: forall (k:*). (k->*) -> k -> *
The kind vairable 'k' is Specified, since it is mentioned in
The kind variable 'k' is Specified, since it is mentioned in
the signature.
* Visible (k)
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