Commit 6ae3188b authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2001-03-01 13:44:33 by simonmar]

fix an ASSERT: the isDeadBinder predicate can't be used here, because
all the Ids have been cloned with empty IdInfo.
parent 09c9b6a7
......@@ -530,9 +530,10 @@ mkCase scrut@(Var fn `App` Type ty `App` arg) bndr alts
Case arg new_bndr [deflt_alt]
other -> Case scrut bndr alts
(deflt_alt : _) = [alt | alt@(DEFAULT,_,_) <- alts]
(deflt_alt@(_,_,rhs) : _) = [alt | alt@(DEFAULT,_,_) <- alts]
new_bndr = ASSERT( isDeadBinder bndr ) -- The binder shouldn't be used in the expression!
-- The binder shouldn't be used in the expression!
new_bndr = ASSERT2( not (bndr `elemVarSet` exprFreeVars rhs), ppr bndr )
setIdType bndr (exprType arg)
-- NB: SeqOp :: forall a. a -> Int#
-- So bndr has type Int#
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