Commit 6afa7779 authored by Gabor Greif's avatar Gabor Greif 💬
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Make explicit that there can be only one entry point

per cmm procedure on Darwin/PPC, because of splitting.

x86 should be treated the same way, I'll come back to that later.
parent af12cf66
......@@ -729,10 +729,10 @@ initializePicBase_ppc ArchPPC os picReg
initializePicBase_ppc ArchPPC OSDarwin picReg
(CmmProc info lab live (ListGraph blocks) : statics)
= return (CmmProc info lab live (ListGraph (b':tail blocks)) : statics)
(CmmProc info lab live (ListGraph (entry:blocks)) : statics) -- just one entry because of splitting
= return (CmmProc info lab live (ListGraph (b':blocks)) : statics)
where BasicBlock bID insns = head blocks
where BasicBlock bID insns = entry
b' = BasicBlock bID (PPC.FETCHPC picReg : insns)
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