Commit 6d9c9afa authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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fix warnings (validate was failing on i386)

parent 0e275ec9
......@@ -238,17 +238,21 @@ mkJumpToAddr a
byte0, byte1, byte2, byte3, byte4, byte5, byte6, byte7
:: (Integral w, Bits w) => w -> Word8
#if defined(i386_TARGET_ARCH) || defined(x86_64_TARGET_ARCH)
byte0, byte1, byte2, byte3 :: (Integral w, Bits w) => w -> Word8
byte0 w = fromIntegral w
byte1 w = fromIntegral (w `shiftR` 8)
byte2 w = fromIntegral (w `shiftR` 16)
byte3 w = fromIntegral (w `shiftR` 24)
#if defined(x86_64_TARGET_ARCH)
byte4, byte5, byte6, byte7 :: (Integral w, Bits w) => w -> Word8
byte4 w = fromIntegral (w `shiftR` 32)
byte5 w = fromIntegral (w `shiftR` 40)
byte6 w = fromIntegral (w `shiftR` 48)
byte7 w = fromIntegral (w `shiftR` 56)
#ifndef __HADDOCK__
-- entry point for direct returns for created constr itbls
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