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Try to reconstruct a changelog for TH 2.10

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# Changelog for [`template-haskell` package](
## *TBA*
## *Mar 2015*
* Bundled with GHC 7.10.1
* Remove build-dependency on `containers` package
* Make `Pred` a type synonym of `Type`, and deprecate `classP`/`equalP` (#7021)
* Add support for `LINE` pragma via `prageLineD` and `LineP`
* Replace `Int#` with `!Int` in `NameFlavour` constructors
* Derive `Generic` for TH types (#9527)
* Add `standaloneDerivD` (#8100)
* Add support for generic default signatures via `defaultSigD` (#9064)
* Add `Lift` instances for `()` and `Rational`
* Derive new `Show` and `Data` instances for `Loc`
* Derive `Eq` instances for `Loc`, `Info`, and `ModuleInfo`
* Make calling conventions available in template haskell consistent
with those from GHC (#9703)
* Add support for `-XStaticValues` via `staticE`
* Add `Ord` instances to TH types
* Merge some instances from `th-orphans` (`Ppr` instances for `Lit`
and `Loc` as well as `Lift` instances for numeric types
* Put parens around `(ty :: kind)` when pretty-printing TH syntax
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