Commit 6da89cfb authored by simonpj's avatar simonpj
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[project @ 2000-10-30 11:01:58 by simonpj]

parent a9b9e4b1
......@@ -644,10 +644,9 @@ warnDeprecations my_mod_iface used_names
mapRn_ warnDeprec deprecs
mod = mi_module my_mod_iface
my_deprecs = mi_deprecs my_mod_iface
lookup_deprec hit pit n
| isLocalThing mod n = lookupDeprec my_deprecs n
| isLocallyDefined n = lookupDeprec my_deprecs n
| otherwise = case lookupTable hit pit n of
Just iface -> lookupDeprec (mi_deprecs iface) n
Nothing -> pprPanic "warnDeprecations:" (ppr n)
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