Commit 6e04f053 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

Use fromException instead of cast when matching exceptions

Since I added the SomeAsyncException class, we weren't calling the
StackOverflowHook() properly for stack overflows, because this bit of
code was not expecting the extra layer in the hierarchy.
parent 90c9c835
......@@ -148,22 +148,22 @@ topHandlerFastExit err =
-- another error, etc.)
real_handler :: (Int -> IO a) -> SomeException -> IO a
real_handler exit se@(SomeException exn) = do
real_handler exit se = do
flushStdHandles -- before any error output
case cast exn of
case fromException se of
Just StackOverflow -> do
exit 2
Just UserInterrupt -> exitInterrupted
_ -> case cast exn of
_ -> case fromException se of
-- only the main thread gets ExitException exceptions
Just ExitSuccess -> exit 0
Just (ExitFailure n) -> exit n
-- EPIPE errors received for stdout are ignored (#2699)
_ -> case cast exn of
_ -> case fromException se of
Just IOError{ ioe_type = ResourceVanished,
ioe_errno = Just ioe,
ioe_handle = Just hdl }
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